Kadens Capital is a real estate private equity firm with offices in Frankfurt and New York. Kadens uses a hybrid investment strategy to acquire European real estate assets and invest directly into operating partners' platforms to align interests and enhance returns.

Differentiated Approach

Hybrid Investment Strategy

Experienced Management Team

Global Network,
Local Expertise

On the Frontline
of Change

Sustainability Focus,
ESG Mindset

Repeatable, Scalable Partnerships

Hybrid Investment Strategy

Kadens implements a multi-level investment strategy by acquiring real estate assets held within complex structures and investing into operating partners' platforms.

Experienced Management Team

Our Founding Partners have worked together for over a decade and have 30 years of combined experience deploying over $5 billion of equity capital.

Global Network,
Local Expertise

Kadens pairs its global network of partners, investors, and service providers with a boots-on-the-ground skillset to identify and capitalize on investment opportunities.

On the Frontline of Change

Kadens operates from offices in Frankfurt and New York to encourage the early identification of emerging trends and technologies.

Sustainability Focus, ESG Mindset

Kadens believes that long-term success is dependent on anticipating and incorporating ESG measures into our ethos to be good neighbors and members of our communities.

Repeatable, Scalable Partnerships

Kadens focuses on creating and supporting relationships with our investment partners that are repeatable & scalable over the long-term.

We create partnerships and build sustainable international platforms together.

Our team has identified and worked with best-in-class sponsors, operators, and service providers across the industry.


Uncovering potential, creating value, and ensuring sustained growth demands mastery. It requires unrivalled sector expertise, creativity, foresight and drive.

Real estate is not static; it is perpetually in motion: evolving, and transforming. We are proactive and reactive, working together to foresee and shape this motion. We push boundaries, create momentum, and deliver results. We are Kadens.

Kadens believes the foundation for long-term
success and favorable
financial returns rests upon a commitment to investing in a sustainable and responsible manner

Kadens seeks to earn superior risk-adjusted returns while ensuring that any harmful impact on the environment, our neighbors, and other stakeholders is minimized while standards of equality are emphasized and adopted.

Kadens incorporates ESG measures into its day-to-day corporate, investing, and portfolio activities. We believe that long-term success necessitates a focus on all aspects of ESG beyond just the environmental impact of our portfolio.

Kadens has established processes for monitoring and recommending initiatives and KPI's for our entire platform including working with our investment partners to implement market best practices at the operator level.

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